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Individual Training
Work one-on-one with a certified fitness professional who customizes a workout specifically for you. Individual Fitness Training is the backbone of what we do at The Club. Our program is designed to help you reach your goals with a customized program that is built completely around your goals, availability, and desires. We are able to design you training sessions, off day workouts, nutrition, and water consumption to maximize your results and give you the ultimate accountability to stick to the program. When you sign up to work-out with a trainer two times per week or more, you will have unlimited access to use our facility during hours of operation as your own private gym membership.
Partner Training
Partner fitness training is the optimal way two people to go at their fitness goals together. In this setting, two members workout together with a certified fitness professional who customizes a workout specifically for the partners. Sessions are 55 minutes long.
Team and Group Training
The Club is available for on/offsite training for groups or teams of varying fitness levels and ages. In the past, The Club has provided strength training for the University of Puget Sound’s nationally ranked men’s basketball team, as well as various competitive soccer teams. Also we offer group training here at The Club in groups of 3-5 for a small group workout for those who enjoy working out within a group. Sessions are 55 minutes long for the group.
Hypervolt / Theragun Session
Improve recovery after your workout, or long run with the Hypervolt or Theragun. This revolutionary piece of equipment speeds up the recovery process to help you get back to 100%-- fast! This form of percussion therapy uses frequency and amplitude to bring blood flow and nutrients to the area being treated, this reduces muscle soreness and lactic acid build up. We use the Hypervolt and Theragun to reduce active trigger points, break up scar tissue, loosen muscles, reduce muscle spasms, treat large muscles that are important for proper posture, and treat smaller muscles that control motion.


What our members have to say about their Club experience.
Richard Baerg, M.D.

Most men by the age of 40 are de-conditioned to the degree that reconditioning, the process of rebuilding muscle mass and cardiac stamina, is a long and painful process.  At age 65 and older, the process is not only long and painful, but also burdened by the risk of injuries, some of which may be permanent.  In my practice of gastroenterology I see patients in the autumn (or winter) of their lives who are de-conditioned not only by many of the medications necessary for their survival.  They run the risk of falls, fractures, and multiple other calamities which may occur as they perform the tasks of daily living.  They break bones because of their osteoporosis but they fall because of their deterioration of balance.  This is their loss of rapid response muscle tissue.  The improvement of this muscle mass is possible at all ages but in the elderly strength training runs the risk of injury.

The importance of Professional Personal Trainers to assist individuals in the rehabilitation cannot be overemphasized.  Gabe Merritt and his associates are the masters at this task.  Gabe insists on certification by his trainers.  In order to minimize the injuries that can occur with strength training, the trainer must understand the anatomy and physiology of the training process and have an appreciation of the physiological changes that occur with the advancing age.

I understand the importance of certification in my medical field and Gabe Merritt extends that understanding to the field of Personal Training.

Scott Hatteberg, MLB player – Boston Red Sox, Oakland A’s and Cincinnati Reds

After 18 years of professional baseball and professional athletic training, I thought I knew what it took to be in great shape.

I started training with a Personal Trainer at The Club in the off season just to maintain my strength training, but found myself more challenged and motivated than ever. The trainers at The Club are professional and excellent at bringing out the best in their clients.

I am 39 years old and in the best shape I have ever been thanks to my training at The Club at Gig Harbor.

Crystal Macks

When I first came to "The Club", I had some issues, and frankly, I just didn't really feel all that well.  Weight management and osteoporosis were primary concerns, as was overall joint discomfort;  And, due to a multiple break in my leg from a horseback riding accident in college, I had severe pain and stiffness in my ankle which was seriously starting to affect my mobility.  

All this being said, I started working with one of the trainers, and after our first few sessions together, I made the commitment to myself to do exactly what he said and never allow myself to start making excuse for missing my work outs.  I guess I felt that I was starting to make a really big investment not only in myself, but, my future, and I was determined to give it 100%, or nothing.

From the beginning, I was extremely impressed with my trainer’s positive attitude and his knowledge of fitness and the body, and the guidance and advice he gave me was not only motivational, but effective.  When I was doubtful or discouraged about losing weight, he assured me that if I just remained patient and persevered, the weight would come off.  As time passed, his coaching and input has been invaluable, and made me feel safe, confident, and excited about what I am doing, and thanks to his encouragement, it has not been difficult to engage in a regular routine, which at this point, I cannot imagine missing.

After approximately a year and a half of training, cardio, and careful diet, I have lost about 30 lbs., and am in better shape than I ever thought I could be in.  The difference in how I feel is profound, and my ankle pain has substantially decreased, while my mobility has increased.  The osteoporosis remains to be a stubborn challenge, but, I know that I am doing everything "naturally" possible to generate stronger bones through strength training, which hopefully, will be a safeguard against fractures if I ever do fall.  The joint pain that I once experienced is all but gone, and my Dr. recently told me that I have the heart rate of a young woman!

I feel deeply indebted to my trainer for helping me make the quality of my life so much better and for educating me on how to better take care of myself and live a healthier lifestyle.  I have the utmost respect for him and his abilities, and without him, I'm not sure I would have had the courage or determination to keep on going:  but, we do, and each day is more fun and enjoyable than the last.  He is an outstanding individual, and has done an exceptionally good job working with me and keeping me motivated.  Mostly though, I thank God for the strength and health to continue doing what I have learned to love and enjoy. 

I think the distinction that the trainers at "The Club" have is that they are genuinely interested in the health and well-being of their clients, and they are truly committed to them.  That's what The Club is all about, and I feel very fortunate to have it in my life. What makes it even more attractive is that every time you walk in the door, you are greeted in a warm and professional way that instantly makes you feel welcome and relaxed.  Everything is impeccably clean and organized and seems to function quite harmoniously.  For me, and I'm sure many others, it has no doubt been one of the best things that has ever happened to me.

Justin Anderson

I have enjoyed working out at the Club at Gig Harbor for the last several years.  I joined after letting my pants out a few too many times!  I knew I needed a change and had friends whose bodies had changed significantly for the better as a result of the Club.  I began my journey at 215 lbs. (for a 6’1’’ 32 year old man) and quickly (4 months) made it down to 185 lbs.  You will get out of the Club what you put into it and I was thrilled with the results!  I have now stabilized my weight in the low 190’s as I love to eat and drink, but I know I can maintain it because of the great workouts.

In addition to the great workouts at the Club, the Guys (and girls) make it a fun place to be.  The banter and friendships made over the last few years make enduring the 50 minutes of pain worthwhile!

Lisa Ostergren

Time after time, I would start and stop a workout program only to feel burned out, depressed, frustrated and disappointed for failing once again. The whole idea of working out with a personal trainer was frightening, but I knew I needed something more.

This led me to bid on personal training sessions at The Club at an auction and I won! On my first session I was so apprehensive about working out around a bunch of “in shape” people. Those thoughts were erased the minute I walked in and was greeted by my trainer, who instantly made me feel at ease. The Club at Gig Harbor is not a typical gym. I have been welcomed and encouraged by everyone on the staff, even by other club members.

During my first workout, I could barely do a sit up. But now, with my personal trainer’s guidance and encouragement, I am steadily progressing and have exceeded further than I ever imagined. This is not a temporary fix, but a lifestyle change. My trainer helped me regain my drive and determination to fulfill my physical goals. My trainer makes the workouts fun by changing them up and tailoring them specific to me. The accountability and support have been incredible and it has kept me from giving up and going back to my old lifestyle.

I live a whole new lifestyle of healthy eating, weight training and cardio workouts which I give credit to trainer, Zack because he helped me see my potential.

As I watch other trainers, I can see they are all equally talented and skilled in what they do and they each dedicate themselves to helping their clients achieve their goals.

If I can strive toward my goals, and I’ve failed over the years more than I want to admit, ANYONE can achieve theirs!!

Ken Bergman, M.D.

For years I had neglected working out and taking care of my body. I was flabby, weak and plagued with chronic back pain. With my upcoming 50th birthday I decided to take action before it was too late. I had a number of busy professional friends who shared their success and satisfaction with The Club. I joined over 3 years ago, and it has changed my life. I no longer have chronic back pain, I can enjoy hiking, biking and waterskiing. Ryan started with core exercises and stretching, especially my back, which continues to be an essential part of my overall training program. My body feels and looks much better, my wife really appreciates the positive changes as well. The trainers at The Club have the knowledge and experience to make you not only look and feel stronger and healthier, but to be healthier and they can create a program specifically for your needs. Joining the Club is one of the best decisions I have ever made. I only wish I had done it sooner. Give the Club a try, so you can feel stronger, look better, and be healthier.

Berta Brynestad

Being the Mom of four kids keeps me very busy.  I assumed that at 46, I was too old to get in shape.   These were some of my excuses for never getting serious about being fit.   I have friends that are fit and I just thought it was because they had better metabolisms than me or that they were exercise-a-holics.  I knew that would not be me, because I don’t even like to sweat. 

When I first joined The Club, I was athletic and coordinated, but my cardio endurance was weak and I wanted to lose some weight.  Gabe reviewed my goals with me and assured me that they were actually attainable.  Gabe is a true professional.  He tailors my workouts so that I am pushed to my limits without risking injury.  It is the hardest work that I have ever done that I actually look forward to!  My training sessions leave me energized and amazed at what I did that was impossible only a few weeks ago.  

I have belonged to other gyms, but always felt ackward and uncomfortable in them.    The Club is unique in that all the members have a goal and their workouts have a purpose.  I have been so encouraged by other members and can see an obvious commitment and motivation that you don’t see at your typical gym.   It is a place where progress is realized every day and success stories are the norm, not the exception. 

I have been training for 6 weeks and have already lost 12 lbs!  The results have been beyond what I had imagined, and I am hooked!  I even find that I am looking forward to my workouts every day, which is something I never would have imagined.

Tom Drohan

If anyone needed help to get fit and save their own life; that would be me. I've never been inclined toward working out on my own. I was lucky enough to get Steven Saner as my fitness coach at The Club at Gig Harbor. Steven has taken the time to learn my history and evaluate where I was starting from. The consultation was free and easy, I knew signing up was what I needed to do. Since then, Steven has lead me on a course of lifestyle improvements, diet and careful exercise that I know will add years to my life. Thanks, Steven!

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