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The Club prides itself on creating not only customized fitness programs, but also creating healthy food plans that will be specific to each client’s desired goal and motivation. Each client isn’t going to be expected to “crash diet” or start eating like a rabbit. We would much rather teach people about how to eat healthy. By teaching our clients about proper fueling, we hope to teach a healthy option that people can use for the rest of their lives. Whether people want a very clean diet, or just want a few subtle changes, we work on trying to motivate everyone to eat whole foods, including lots of fruits, vegetable, lean proteins, and yes even carbohydrates.

For some Club members, learning how to eat right is the ultimate goal for their nutrition. However for others it’s all about having someone keep them accountable. We have Club Food Journals for both of these reasons. For some it is purely to teach why your body crashed based on the choices that were made earlier in the day. For others is may be the accountability of your trainer reading those choices that you made on Saturday night. Either way we work hard at teaching our clients the proper way to fuel their bodies.

An important factor that we try to get across to all our members is the importance of what you put in your body, how it’s going to affect how you feel, as well as how your body performs. This is why water is one of the most important factors that we teach here at The Club. Proper hydration overcomes lots of obstacles that the average person faces on a daily basis.

Obviously not all members are the same, but we have found that our clients like options. For more healthy options please follow our Pinterest page.